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Coverage that travels with you…

Auto Insurance from L.H. Griffith and Company

There’s only one thing worse than being in an accident and that’s being in an accident without having adequate insurance protection. It’s important to remember that accidents aren’t limited to the vehicle that gets you to work, school and every other destination. Cars, motorcycles, boats and RV’s: wherever you are, however you travel, L.H. Griffith and Company offers coverage that goes where you go. Whether you’re hitting the trails on your ATV, towing the camper to the lake or simply driving to work, L.H. Griffith offers the solid coverage you need to travel with confidence.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance and cheapest car insurance in CharlestonDon’t worry…we’ve got you covered

L.H. Griffith can help if your record is less than stellar

From speeding tickets to fender benders, life happens. These unexpected events can make it difficult to find solid auto insurance at a reasonable rate. The professionals at L.H. Griffith and Company have partnered with many of the nation’s top auto insurance providers so we can offer insurance to our clients who’ve had trouble securing coverage due to problems with their driving record. We understand that things happen and we work diligently to place you with a company that offers quality coverage, competitive rates and dependable service. If you’ve had trouble, don’t worry…we’ve got you covered!

Motorcycle and Boat Insurance and More

Motorcycle insurance in CharlestonWe do more than car insurance

On pavement, dirt or water, we’ve got you covered!

When most people think of auto insurance they think of the car they drive to work, the van or SUV that mom uses to taxi the kids or dad’s truck. However, that’s only part of the coverage provided by L.H. Griffith and Company. With the relationships we’ve developed throughout our vast network of insurance providers, we’re able to offer solid coverage for your RV, ATV, motorcycle, boat or personal watercraft, as well as campers, golf carts, trailers and classic / antique automobiles. If it drives, rides or floats, we’ve got a policy for you.

Boat insurance in SummervilleIndependence Saves You Money!

L.H. Griffith is proud to be an Independent Insurance Agency

Companies that write auto insurance vary greatly. Some offer more competitive rates for senior drivers while others focus more on attracting young drivers. While one carrier may offer discounts for insuring more than one vehicle, another may offer additional savings for having both homeowners and auto insurance with their company. Others offer discounts for both with additional opportunities for even more savings. You could make a career out of shopping for the best rates among financially strong and reputable companies, but since L.H. Griffith has already done the work, you don’t have to!

We’ll shop among our network of auto insurance providers and make sure you get every discount for which you qualify.

Our coverage options includes:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Truck
  • RV / ATV
  • Motorcycle
  • Boat Insurance
  • Personal Watercraft
  • Trailers
  • Campers
  • Golf Carts

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