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It’s a given: insurance from L.H. Griffith & Co.

We Work For YouThere are a few things that have become common knowledge to the fine folks of Goose Creek, South Carolina. Everyone knows that October is when the Goose Creek Fall Festival happens. They understand that the holiday season doesn’t officially start until the opening night of the Lakeside light display.

And everybody knows that when you need insurance, you talk to the people at L.H. Griffith & Company.


Insurance in Summerville SCA History of Insurance Services

Since 2010, 108 Central Avenue has been the place you go when you need insurance. It’s home to L.H. Griffith & Company, the people who work for you. From first-time homebuyers to retirees, RV owners to motorcyclists as well as local business owners, L.H. Griffith & Company offers the risk management solutions that let you rest easy. As an Independent Insurance Agency, our licensed agents have years of experience walking clients through the process of choosing the right coverage for their particular situation. We’re ALWAYS available, day or night, and you’ll get your agent’s cell phone number.

Specialists in Property & Casualty Insurance

Whether you’re on your way to work or enjoying a meal at home, driving across the country on family vacation or hosting a family reunion at your house, you can count on L.H. Griffith & Company to provide the protection you need. We’re specialists in property and casualty insurance, offering insurance coverage that delivers real risk management solutions. Your home, your car, your personal belongings: we make sure you have the right coverage for all that you’ve worked hard for throughout the years.

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L.H. Griffith & Company can Meet
ALL your Insurance Needs, Including:

The benefits of an Independent Agency

There are two ‘types’ of insurance agencies: Captive and Independent, and understanding the
differences before you choose can save you money and frustration.

A Captive Agency represents one (1) insurance company and ONLY one insurance company. This isn’t an issue, until you need coverage that is outside their purview. At that point, you have to look for another agency. So, instead of one company handling your insurance, you have two (or more). And should your rates increase, your only choice is to leave your agency and shop for a better deal.

An Independent Agency represents several insurance companies. That means you’ll always find the coverage you need through your agent. There’s no need to have two, three or more insurance agencies in your contact list: your independent agent has you covered, no matter what. And, should rates increase with your current carrier, your independent agent does the shopping for you…and you won’t have to choose a different agent!

Serving All Your Business and Personal Insurance Needs

Running a business is tough enough, but having the right commercial general liability insurance can make things a little easier. Finding any business insurance with the right coverage at the right price can be a daunting task alone, but with help from L.H. Griffith & Company, affordable insurance coverage is just a call or click away. And we don’t stop there, we assist residents throughout Charleston and the surrounding areas with best and most affordable personal insurance for every need.

Looking for the cheapest car insurance in your area? Or do you need special coverage for boat insurance or motorcycle insurance? Getting affordable insurance is easier than ever when working with us. We provide a wide variety of information and resources online for homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and more. There’s no need to struggle with insurance companies unaided. Trust the professionals to be the knowledgeable voice on your side and get the coverage you need!

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